thought for the day

I’ll get closer to finishing something if I actually put needle and thread to fabric.

DSC_0058I know, right?


It’s not brain surgery, it’s quilting.  One row (or two) at a time.

Olfa_60mmLately, after a long or even short evening of quilting, I’ve woken up with aching hands. This is not unusual for me if I have been hand-quilting, especially if I haven’t quilted for a while. Who knew that you had to be “in shape” for quilting season? Go figure.

But aching hands after a simple night of cutting, pinning, piecing, and pressing. What gives? So I got to thinking. When was the last time I changed my rotary cutter blade? I didn’t know. This tells me two things—1) I need to change my blade, and 2) I need to keep track of when I changed said blade.

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