Quilting the New Classics–Modern Bear Paw

Have you heard?


Quilting the New Classics by Michele Muska is #1 quilt book at Amazon. BOOM!

Michele and I have known each other for years, back from the days in my former life as an editor. I was really excited and intrigued when she pitched to me her idea of a book based upon favorite classic quilt motifs and pairing modern and traditional quilters together to interpret those motifs. More than a pattern book, it would incorporate a historical reference for each quilt type. Would I be interesting in participating? Absolutely. Would I work with Darlene Zimmerman on the Bear Paw block? Are you kidding me (duh—#fangirl).

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Breaking Amish

MBD_bloghopWelcome! I assume if you are visiting you are here for the Mirror Ball Dot Blog Hop. If not, well, “Hi Mom.” I’m kidding.

I got really excited when Mark contacted me to participate in this hop since I’d been a fan of his for years and well, I love a good challenge. My mind started racing just thinking about what to make. I formulated a plan, deciding to make something off The List, thinking I would use some of the new issue fabrics plus MBDs from my stash.

I emailed my fabric order to Mark telling him my plan. His response, “Sorry Elisa, I am making this very rigid in that I would like to use only 4 Mirror Ball Dot colors – all of which are current – and the 3 solid colors Michael Miller Fabrics Couture Cotton.” The idea here being we want to show a range of what can be done with a very limited palette.

For those of you who are good at math that is 7 fabrics. Seven. I don’t really count but I would say I typically use at least 20 fabrics in a quilt. Back to the drawing board.

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Charlie’s Wobot

I am Auntie to a sweet curly-strawberry-haired boy named Charlie. He turned three in December and it seems like yesterday that I was at his birth. I had been working on a quilt for him for ages, that I was going to “boomerang” back to his momma, my SIL. Needless to say, I’ve never finished it (but I do have plans), and instead decided two weeks before said  birthday that this boy needed a “wo-bot” quilt to go along with his robot OBSESSION.

Fortunately for me, Boo Davis has a smashing robot quilt in her (self-described sickeningly cute) book Dare to Be Square Quilting. You need this book. Trust me.

Unlike most people who as of late are obsessed with orange, and Tangerine Tango in particular, I hardly have any orange in my stash.You see, I am a stash quilter, meaning what I make is inevitably scrappy, in fabrics of various age and type, and not bought and used as part of an entire line. It’s not an approach for everyone, but it really works for me. This pattern called for YARDAGE of orange. Me, yardage of orange? Not. So I opted to make this quilt following my new rule of thumb–use what you have. Continue reading