Pick A Number


A quick week has passed and I’m back from a mini-vacation to sunny and rock-filled Moab. I apologize for the following view. (Don’t hate me.)


I’m taking a quick minute to announce the winner in my leg of the Mirror Ball Dot Blog Hop. I enlisted the help of my visiting parents to select the winner.


I took the average and picked comment #6. And the winner is Marla who said:

Very nice quilt. I agree the orange is that little bit of touch to make it unique. I get a lot of my ideas from books and magazines and now from the blog. Too many idea sometimes and would love to make them all.

Marla, be on the lookout for my email. Thanks to all of you who took the time to visit and comment. Be sure to check Mark’s page to see the details on the hop. Long live the Mirror Ball Dots!


Rockstar (In my own head)

When you walk, through the door, it was clear to me,

You’re the one, they adore, that they came to see,

You’re a–Rock Star–, everybody wants you,

Hey, ya, and who can really blame you,

We’re the one who made you.

Last night, one of my favorite bloggers (Kimono Reincarnate) started following me on Instagram (I’m @stitchoutsidetheditch). Can I just tell you that this made me feel like a total rock star!