Kumano Kodo: Day 2

I was really sore from pilates yesterday, and a run the day before that and yet we hiked. And hiked, and hiked. Longer on the City Creek Trail than we have ever done. I don’t know how far. All I know is that my fitbit buzzed a little bit after the turn around point. And today, I have zero photos to show for it. What I do have is a memory full of hiking with intention, and yet lots of daydreaming. A good balance I suppose. Watching where I put my feet. Thinking about how healthy they feel compared to this time last year when I was in pain on both, likely with plantar fasciitis. But they are healed, save for maybe a little tendonitis in my right metatarsals (extensor tendonitis). Nothing I don’t feel like I can’t work through. More calf stretching is needed apparently.

Daydreaming about Japan a lot lately. This time last year we were there and I can’t help trying to figure out when our next visit will be or if I’ll be able to live there at some point in the future. Google photos keeps reminding me of what I was doing this day last year, as if I’ve forgotten. Seems like a fine thing to share here. These are from the Nakahechi route of the Kumano Kodo (11/12/17) and then the hiking route over a mountain to Yunomine Onsen. Scheming to go back.

Third generation operators of Chikatsuya Minshuku. So sweet. Yoroshiko onegaishimasu.

Tired feet and bodies riding the bus to skip ahead a few miles. Mountain road views.


All are welcome on the Kumano Kodo.

Oyunohara in the distance. Pilgrims in the foreground.

Entrance to Hongu Taisha from the Kumano Kodo Nakahechi trail.

Hongu Taisha shrine purification.

Entrance to Hongu Taisha. No photos allowed in the shrine.

Steps leading up from the parking area at Hongu Taisha for the non-hiking pilgrims.

Oyunohara. (huge torii gate!)

Steep steps up the mountain over to Yunomine Onsen.

Choose your own adventure Kumano Kodo style.

Street of Yunomine Onsen. Boiling river water from the onsen that flows into the stream. The onsen itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

View from Minshuku Omuraya in Kawayu Onsen. Lovely river.