A Change in Plans

Remember back several months ago when I had grandiose plans for my EZ Dresden Quilt Challenge project? Yeah…and then summer happened.

Never fear—I still have plans for that quilt. BIG PLANS. In fact, I have issued myself a personal challenge—finish the quilt by this time next year and then enter it in the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival (yes that is the real name). It is a HUGE juried show and making it in would be 1) an honor and 2) a fantastic excuse for another trip to Japan, don’t you think?

But…back to the challenge. I was feeling—how shall I put this delicately—well, like a total loser for not finishing. So last Friday I put my big girl panties on and said to myself, I can make something small, and achievable, and useful. And so I did.

I’ve wanted a cushion for my sewing chair for a while, and well, I have plenty of stash to choose from and I already had the foam. Plus, I’m always tearing out inspiring color stories from magazines like House Beautiful and Marie Claire and I’ve had one which caught my eye hanging around. (Remember what I’ve said before about combining items on my list—mental or otherwise).

Sample fabrics. Some used, others ditched.

So I pulled some fabrics from my stash—one from New York, two from Japan, a Kaffe Fassett, vintage kimono silk, a black/off-white print (a signature of mine), and some linen I had lying around. I picked a great Alexander Henry geisha print for the back. I made the cushion all from stuff I had on hand—the foam, two scraps of batting to wrap the foam, and muslin to seal it all in.

My plan evolved as I worked. First it was fussy (ick). Simplify, simplify. Ultimately I ended up using the EZ Dresden Ruler just as it is intended (blasphemey!) in an inspired color palette that I’ve used before. And. I. Couldn’t. Be. Happier.

Be sure to check out what others made for this fun challenge.

And look out Tokyo—I’m coming for you…

Winner, Winner, Chicken, Dinner

Thank you SOOOO much to all of you who left such thoughtful comments on my EZ Dresden Process post. As a new blogger, but longtime quilter, you never really know how things will go in blogland. Whether people will “get it” or even care. I found myself second-guessing my post early on, but then just stuck with it, knowing I was being true to myself. But, I digress…

WE HAVE A WINNER!! I used my random generator (a.k.a to husband “pick a number between 1 and 54,” “32”) to select one. usairdoll (keeping internet names to protect the innocent) said:

WoW! How interesting and inspiring your post is. It really is neat to see how other’s thought process works. Although I’ve been quilting and sewing for over 20 years, my background is more traditional. I saw something I liked, I bought fabric and made it. It’s only recently that I’ve thought about creating something on my own. That being the key word “thought”. I’m not even sure where to start. I guess this is where “just do it” comes into play. hehe. I enjoy these blog hops as I always find talented and inspiring people that I want to hear more from. I loved your post and when I’m done here I’m going to become a follower. Thanks again for sharing your process, lists and pictures. ;D

I’ve been in touch with usairdoll and she is currently doing the happy dance. I only wish I had a picture.

NOW…I really need to dig into some quilting. I’ve been on vacation then coming back into reality/RealJob and haven’t stitched in over a week. Tonight is MY night. I’m taking the dresden down (we have all summer, right?) and likely putting Twin 2 quilt back up. It needs to get done before the babies graduate.

(not so) EZ Dresden Quilt Challenge

So we’re now on Day 6 of the EZ Dresden Quilting Challenge and by now you know all of the details and the PRIZES and have seen some really talented quilters in the likes of Lee, Kati, Victoria, TanyaVal, and Leigh. Are you inspired yet to join the challenge, or are you still on the fence about committing (although we’ll have all summer to stitch)? If you’re already on board GREAT! But if you’re still undecided because of time, or overcommitment, or whatever, I offer the following insight that will hopefully get you to change your mind.

The Idea

I am process-driven. I am not in a race to finish a quilt a week, or even a month (as my guild members can attest at my lack of show and tell). Combine that with the fact that I am a list maker. I make lists. I’ve always been this way, but started making lists even more frequently in college. It is not uncommon for me to write something on my “to do” list that I’ve already completed just so I can feel like I accomplished something cross it off.

I currently have 18 “planned” quilts on my list. 18. That were in my head, and then made it to the list. Not to mention the fact that the list needs to be updated. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by my own hobby. How wacky is that?

So when the idea came about to organize and participate in a Dresden Plate quilt challenge, honestly, I felt a little lukewarm about it. Don’t get me wrong–I LOVE Dresdens. And I love my friends at EZ Quilting, especially Darlene Zimmerman, so how could I not participate in a challenge to celebrate her 20th Anniversary of making my quilting life easier? So the big question for me was how do I fit this challenge in to my “quilt schedule?” Currently it is on the list as number eight:

#8 EZ Dresden Quilt Challenge: “Gingham” inspired, navy, off-white, grey, beige, brown, color (yellow? Red, orange (sm. Gingham))? Asian? Use real Japanese. Homemade (Gwen 37 Sketches) gingham.

How is that for a ridiculously complex description of a quilt? I clearly had some initial ideas about fabrics and colors. Although what I had in my head then, was not what I am working on now. Continue reading

Daily Dose of Dresden

So the members of my guild, the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild, have gotten together with our friends at EZ Quilting/Simplicity to put together a little (read HUGE) quilt challenge for the summer. The  EZ Dresden Quilting Challenge kicks off today with a 14-day blog hop.

Be sure to follow along as yours truly is doing a post on June 6. Plus I’ll be giving away a ruler to one lucky reader.

Speaking of winners — you should see the prize list for this thing! A Singer sewing machine, an Oliso iron, 100 spools of Gutterman thread, plus more fabric, batting, books, rulers, bobbin winders, and another fun quilt things than you scan shake a rotary cutter at. Like YOUR winning quilt displayed at Fall Quilt Market!!! Trust me, you don’t want to miss this! Mark. Your. Calendars.

Here’s the list of your daily dose of Dresden for the next two weeks:

June 1
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June 2
Lee: freshlypieced.blogspot.com/

June 3
Kati www.fromthebluechair.com/

June 4
Victoria: bumblebeansinc.blogspot.com/
Tanya: www.squaresandtriangles.com

June 5
Val: howaboutpinkplease.blogspot.com/
Leigh: leedledeedlequilts.blogspot.com/

June 6
Amy: amyscreativeside.com/
Elisa www.stitchoutsidetheditch.com/

June 7
Katie: www.swimbikequilt.com/
Emily: emsscrapbag.blogspot.com/

June 8
Melissa: happyquiltingmelissa.blogspot.com/
Brooke: pitterputterstitch.blogspot.com/

June 9
Nicole:  mamalovequilts.blogspot.com/
Amy sukie.mt-wudan.com/

June 10
Elizabeth: www.dontcallmebetsy.com/
Colleen: www.thebusybean.com/

June 11
Faith: www.freshlemonsquilts.com/
Deonn: quiltscapesquilting.blogspot.com/

June 12
Angela: angelaflicker.com/
Barbie: thequiltingmill.blogspot.com

June 13
Amy: www.diaryofaquilter.com/

June 14
Jessica: sewcraftyjess.blogspot.com/

June 15
Salt Lake MQG: Wrap-up www.slmqg.com/