10 things*

  1. I forgot my work computer at home and had to immediately turn around and go back. The new pavement section was open and the signing and striping is fresh.
  2. It never ceases to amaze me that there are seagulls in Utah. And that they hang out in my work parking lot.
  3. We are finally starting to click in our roles and work together as a team. It only took four months. Presentation tomorrow.
  4. So needed this. Note to self: get some paperwhites.
  5. It still feels weird to have the tables turned. Once again I am the client.
  6. Leaving work in the dark. Sucks.
  7. The gate was closed when I got home. I immediately burst into tears. No four-legged friend who’s happy to see me. When will this get easier?
  8. We voted early. And walked together in the dark to drop off our ballots.
  9. Following the directions on the gyoza makes for optimal cooking results.
  10. I think I am getting closer to a name and logo.

* inspired by Justine who was inspired by Somersault.

1 thought on “10 things*

  1. #3 makes me so happy for you. #4 was inspiring and I think we should do her #10 together. I agree on #6. #7 made me tear up too. and #10 makes me so excited!

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