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The internet is an amazing thing. I still remember by first email and the reason I was assigned to get an account by Dr. Eleanor Snow, my mineralogy professor.

We were to report back to her in our first assignment (via email) the symmetry pattern of the brick patio outside the Administration building. Answer: A translocation with a mirror plane. Likely 1/s or something but the mineralologic classes I don’t remember anymore.

We have gone way beyond those times, though. And with the diversity of the internet and the advent of social media the world has gotten even more…messy. I currently have a love hate relationship with Instagram. I love seeing what people post, I hate that it makes me feel inferior sometimes. Not in my abilities, but rather in my productivity. As if there is a quota of whatever we assign ourselves to meet.

But, and there is always a but, I do love that on IG you can be so diverse in who you follow and why you follow, and how you found them in the first place.

I am trying to rid myself and my feed of the feelings of inadequacy. Instead I try to fill it up with things that inspire, things that are beautiful, things that make me want to get out and be adventurous, or get in (side myself) and take care. More and more I am looking to the internet and social media to in a positive and meaningful way and I’m learning this happens best with people that use their words. Writers. Maybe not people that write professionally, maybe some who do, but people whose every word I can hang onto.Today I want to share with you @nic.antoinette This girl is a badass (her words, although I don’t disagree). She is currently solo hiking the full length of the Arizona Trail from Utah to Mexico. She writes lengthy, heart wrenching, daily IG posts that will have you crying or cheering (crying and cheering) for her and her mission. I troll IG waiting in anticipation of when she’ll post, if she’ll post, and what happened…(there is frequently suspense, and sometimes snakes).

This is not her first hike. She also did the Oregon portion of the Pacific Crest Trail last summer and you can read her daily entries on her website City Girl Gone Wild. She does other stuff too like write books, and host a podcast that I haven’t yet explored. But her trail adventures, at a minimum, are worth checking out. I hope you do.

She is a great reminder to all of us that we can do hard things.

Do you know any good online story tellers? Not fiction, or non-fiction per se, but people that do relatively short blogging in a style that makes for great reading.

1 thought on “Follow Friday

  1. I feel the same way about IG, but I try to remember that I have a full time job plus some health issues and my productivity is never going to match others’. I like to sleep!

    Have you tried Mary Fons’ blog Paper Girl? You might like it!

    Hope to see you at QuiltCon.

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