I was talking to a friend the other day and mentioned that I was starting to question myself as a quilter. I haven’t quilted with any seriousness in ages. Sure I little around chipping away on an overdue wedding quilt and stitching the occasional appliqué block. I feel disconnected, in more ways than one. She encouraged me to reach out to make connections. Maybe the real solution is to reconnect with those I have already made. You are a part of that. 

I wonder what would happen if I wrote more, even if it was essentially about nothing? An experiment then. Let’s begin.

It was a fine day. A quiet one at work, the Friday at state government kind of quiet. I was actually making some progress that I can also apply to my personal life–teaching myself Adobe InDesign while creating an org. chart for our division. Life skills of the graphic design sort.

I left at close to my regular hour as I was scheduled for a week overdue haircut. This is key as with short hair you have to keep it shaped and the neckline tight. I get it cut every five weeks. I arrived and my stylist was washing someone else. As it turns out I was an hour late. I had rescheduled the previous week because I could’t make my regular appointment due to a public meeting conflict. I must have entered the wrong time in my phone when I updated the appointment. This is wholly my fault, but it immediately turned my mood foul. She is booked until November. Fortunately I book two appointments out and have one scheduled towards the end of October. But damn, if I can’t get in before then things are going to be rough. Fingers crossed a cancellation opens and it matches with my availability.

So. Here I sit. Writing it out.

I made an emergency comfort treat which should be cold enough to eat in a couple of hours. I also bought this pattern which I’ve seen pop up on the interwebs lately and which makes my 1980s heart smile and aligns with my love of mixtapes.

How do you get out of a funk, quilting or otherwise?

2 thoughts on “Experiment

  1. Still working on dumping the funk. I moved to a tropical island, leaving almost all my old life behind. I’m sporadically working on a crime novel where I can take out my aggressions-aren’t repressed feelings the cause of de Funk?- by showing up evil people as they truly are. I’m eating mangoes and avocados and passion fruit and….well that list goes on and on and on. Manic stitching occurs every third avocado toast, but I don’t push it, I just let it come. Despacito!

  2. Hey there friend!

    I can totally sympathize with the funk. When in doubt I always go back to making four patches. I grab some scraps and other miscellaneous pieces of fabric, just the ones that make me wholly happy he. I look at them. And I start stitching. Not paying attention to any whole idea just to the stitching of the pieces together., to the colours and the patterns. Maybe we need to start a four patch defunking club! Hugs to you babe! So glad you reached out.

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