Twenty-fourteen was a fantastic year—perhaps one of the best years of my life. I attribute its success largely to my participation in Ali Edwards’ One Little Word program, which, for the first time in a long time allowed me to really focus my energy into personal, professional, and creative pursuits. My word for the year was MAKE, and make I did. If I were a better blogger you would have seen all the ways in which I incorporated make into my life on a daily basis. Instead you can retrace some of those adventures on my Instagram account if you are into that sort of thing.

I have been implementing a hashtag system to keep track of these various pursuits. All begin with #sotd (Stitch Outside the Ditch/stitchoutsidetheditch). Using hashtags in this way is is a great way for all of us to easily track our activities on the IG. You should try it.

Some of the categories where I “make” are:

  • makemebetter (all the running and water drinking, and homemade lunch eating. This was a HUGE category for me this year #soproud)
  • makesimprovements (on the house)
  • makesquilts (so.many.quilts this year. WIPs and new things. Hopefully I will share some here. Ideally I will share some here.)
  • makesmoney (new job)
  • makeslove (dates, and talks, and quality time with my babe)
  • makesdo (mending clothes rather than buying new, using what I have)
  • makeswhole (getaways with girlfriends and quality time spent with my local peeps)
  • makesjoy (this one really came into play towards the end of the year—more on this later)
  • makesfun (roadtrips and goodtimes. Impulse decisions.)
  • makesnomnomnom (because…food)

IMG_5114Truth be told, as I move into 2015 I am scared. Scared this year won’t be as good as the last. I still need to finish up December and say goodbye to move on from make. As I write this it is February 1 and technically I should have started my word for this year. I have been contemplating FORWARD and seeing how it sits with me. It started speaking to me towards the end of last year. Up until now, I’ve thought— But I need more than doable.

IMG_5107I received a package this week, something unexpected, which, surprisingly, left me pretty flustered. In the last few years and last year in particular I really learned to seek input and support from my friends when I need it (and to give those things in return), and man did I need it. I spent Sunday working in the snow-free and sun-filled yard—something unheard of in February in Salt Lake City; we are normally neck deep in snow and atmospheric inversions. I spent that time thinking about what they wrote to me, and what I need to do to remedy my situation. I started to hatch a plan. In that time I came to the conclusion that yes, now more than ever, I need to move FORWARD. I am also reminded that these words choose me; I don’t choose them. And in that regard forward will do.just.fine.

3 thoughts on “Forward

  1. Glad to see you are moving forward, even in the blog! And you are setting yourself free to share what you want to say whatever /however it may be. Such communication is good and not that common. Enjoy the process of moving forward on all fronts!

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