SS13logosquareteach2Sewing Summit here I come.

At the beginning of the year I picked a word. A word to guide me in 2013 as I made day-to-day decisions about how I wanted to be engaged in my life. That word was (is)–stretch.

Throughout the year I have challenged myself in a variety of ways. Some small (the day-to-day things that are hardly worth writing about), some not so small. And so this week, I’m challenging myself to stretch again, this time teaching a quilt class for the first time, and at Sewing Summit no less.

It’s more of a lecture with an exercise or two worked in, but teaching nonetheless. It is a big step. Regardless, I’m really excited. Excited by the opportunity to meet so many likeminded folks, to perhaps put names and faces to those call signs I know on Instagram, and to maybe share some insight as to how I quilt. They method behind the madness of mixing fabrics. Stash Mixology.


This class came about in part as a result of encouraging words from the mentor. Let’s hope I make her proud. Cheers to more classes and teaching opportunities in my future.

There is always time for stretching.

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