DWR Inspiration

How’s your quilt coming along for the New York Modern Quilt Guild Double Wedding Quilt Challenge? Mine? Not so much. But today I received my daily email from The Quilt Alliance  blog (you do know about them, don’t you?) and I may have to start one. Like, now.


See what I mean. Don’t get me wrong. I love the traditional look of a Double Wedding Ring quilt, and I am especially fond of the Pickle Dish variation and hope to make one one day. But this quilt. MAN, oh man. As I wrote to some friends today–I love, love, love, love, love this quilt. As a liberated quilter, this one has so much more appeal to me and has such a modern feel. But check the date, yo. 1930s.

I realize it isn’t a true DWR, but it sure feels like a very interesting “modern” interpretation of one. And it’s made with strings. Note to self: Add this to list.

To find out more about this fabulous quilt, check the full entry here. 

3 thoughts on “DWR Inspiration

  1. I don’t have my books here, but I think this is quite similar to Gwen’s liberated string wedding ring quilt. Wonder if it was one of her inspirations. Regardless, I love it, too.

    • Yes which is really a single ring quilt which then makes me think is that where Denyse Schmidt got her inspiration for the “Single Girl” quilt. Hmmm.

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