DSC_0451I so need a finish. Do you ever get like this?

DSC_0441Too many projects started, planned, deadlined (I realize that probably isn’t even a word, yet there it is, and it’s real to me), and committed to. Wants and needs. Pure creativity and compromise. Piles and bins. Full design walls.


DSC_0444DSC_0445DSC_0443I just. need. a finish. (and some gumption).


It must be Summer.

2 thoughts on “Needy

  1. i really love all your WIPs at the moment Elisa. was just talking about you Monday night with Angie and group of women (mostly from Appleseed guild) who have formed a sewing group that meets once a month. wish we could sew together!

  2. Ha! Always! You KNOW about all those bins in my house, dearie! When your pile gets too high, you can comfort yourself by saying “I’m not as bad as Michele-yet”!

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