Double your pleasure–DWR Challenge

EZDWRChallengeBlogLogoBy now you’re probably up to your ears in talk of Double Wedding Ring (DWR) quilts, techniques, and ideas. For my part on this hop I thought it would be fun to chat with Darlene Zimmerman, the designer of the Double Wedding Ring Templates

Before we get to the interview, let’s review some of the details of the EZ Quilting Double Wedding Ring Challenge:

This is a challenge FOR EVERYONE, All quilters… of any style from Anywhere! This is an international challenge.

Note: in each category, a quilt must be made of three layers and bound.


SMALL: ONE RING! Easy! size: under 20″ or smaller… This is a great way to play and learn your curves, and try your own version of making this fun design!

TRADITIONAL: 4 rings or larger…  Make the traditional double wedding pattern by using the template and your choice of fabrics…not straying to far from the traditional style. Four rings or larger for this category… must have three layers and bound.

MODERN:  4 rings or larger… ANYTHING GOES!  How can you interpret the double wedding ring, put a MODERN spin on a traditional design? Piece it, applique, fuse, whole cloth? Possibilities are ENDLESS!!!  No rules other than, it must have three layers and be bound.

Lots of awesome prizes!! Go to NYC Metro Modern Quilt Guild website for all the juicy details.

Now for something completely different…Here’s what Darlene had to say when I chatted with her recently about DWRs and this Challenge.

Last summer’s challenge was pretty fun. How excited are you that we now have a second EZ Quilting ruler challenge?
I loved the wonderful quilts that were entered in last year’s contest! It was amazing to see the very creative modern interpretations of the simple wedge shape of the Easy Dresden. The new challenge using the Double Wedding Ring pattern should be very interesting. Double Wedding Ring is such a traditional pattern that we usually think of it being interpreted in 1930s era prints. It will be fascinating to see just how creative quilters can be!
Tell us a little bit about why you started designing quilting templates and rulers. 
I’m a process person, and I’m always looking for easier or simpler ways to cut and create different shapes in quilt blocks. I’m not good at remembering rules and formulas in geometry, so I try to create tools that make cutting various shapes in different sizes easier to do and without struggling with the math
What made you decide to create a DWR template?
There are other Double Wedding Ring template sets available, but they share one common problem– rotary cuttinginside curves.  My template set uses an outside curve to trim away the bits you don’t need for the center “square”. It also cuts the melon shape with an outside curve. A rotary cutter easily cuts outside curves, but hangs up on the inside curves. By combining three different templates into one smaller tool, we were also able to keep the price of the tool set very affordable.
DWR quilts look a bit intimidating. Do you have some tips to offer about using the DWR template? How should one start a new project like this?
Why do quilters think sewing curves is such a challenge? If you have ever sewn garments, a collar or sleeve is much more challenging than the Double Wedding Ring pattern!
When starting this project, cut all the shapes as accurately as possible. Put something on the back of the templates to keep them from slipping while you’re cutting. Cut only two layers at a time. Your pieces will fit together better if you are careful in the cutting process. There is no need to do ALL the cutting before you start; mix it up– cut a little, sew a little, press a little.
Make a sample ring before you attempt to chain piece all of the units. This will give you a better idea of how the pieces fit together and where you want to place your colors. It will also provide a good visual for when you put the rest of the quilt together.
By the way, if the number of small pieces in the Double Wedding Ring pattern is intimidating, please note there is a single arc template available for this template set to reduce the amount of pieces in each block.
Does it surprise you that chapters of the Modern Quilt Guild are having challenges using your rulers? After all, the Dresden Plate and Double Wedding Ring patterns are pretty traditional and you are The Feedsack Lady. I’m a traditional quilter, but I love the way modern quilters are re-interpreting quilting as we have known it. It’s fabulous that they are taking the same basic shapes and putting them together in different ways. Their use of color, the design in the fabric, the negative space and the interpretive quilting are all so inspiring to those of us who have been quilting for awhile, and are ready to expand our horizons and step out of the box, even a little bit! I feel my quilt designs are changing due to the modern influence. We can learn so much from each other! Traditional quilters bring geometric shapes and traditional designs to the modern quilters, and they teach us to look at fabric, color, and design in different and exciting ways.
And yes, I’m tickled and surprised that modern quilters “get it”– that you can use my tools to create YOUR QUILT, YOUR WAY. The tools just make your job easier by helping to cut the sizes and the shapes you need for your vision to emerge.
Finally, we had excellent participation in the last challenge. What are you hoping to see in this challenge? And what are you looking for as you judge?  I’m looking for Creativity. Whether people are creative in their color or fabric choices, or in how they re-create the pattern in their own way, it is all exciting! I expect to be pleasantly surprised in the entries; and we should all get new ideas on how to use fabric or color in different ways for interesting effects.
Thanks Darlene! And now I have a set of the EZ Quilting DWR templates as well as the single arc template Darlene mentioned above to give away. Simply leave a comment about what kind of DWR quilt you’d like to make (traditional/modern, big/small, scrappy/solids/coordinated). I’ll give you a week and announce the random winner on Saturday 7/20.
Now, go get stitching. Entries are due by December 1st. Good luck and be sure to follow the other stops on the hop for additional chances to win!

July 8th

​NYC MOD​ Quilters


 July 9th

Emily Bailey

Shelly Pagliai –

July 10th

Amy Ellis

Faith Jones

July 11th

Amy Smart

 July 12th

Dan Rouse

Elisa Albury

July 13

Jenny Cameron

July 14th

Jane Davidson

July 15th

Joanna Wilczynska

Jackie Kunkel

July 16th

Kathy Doughty


 July 17th

Lisa Mason

Flaun Cline

 July 18

Pat Sloan

Jessica Alexandrakis

 July 19th

Jacquie Gering

Lee Heinrich

Monica Solorio-Snow

56 thoughts on “Double your pleasure–DWR Challenge

  1. So I totally know what I have planned for this and I think it’d fall under the traditional category? More modern palette but following the dwr pattern almost to a t 😉

  2. I think I’d like to experiment in the small category, but also the modern interpretation. The templates would make experimentation much easier!

  3. Not sure if my previous comment worked. I’d like to experiment with the modern aspects, and making an abstracted dwr…but they are intimidating as well, so maybe I’ll just make a small one!

  4. I wantto try it out im a new quilter and would love to try this challenge thing o a modern and small. I need the template to see

  5. living in my realm of endless time and possibilites… thinking 4+ plates, probably traditional with heavy influence of low volume.

  6. I am thinking about utilizing a great stake of Kona solids that has been sitting in my stash for quite some time…think bright pinks, blues, purples and teals with black.

  7. Hmmm… I haven’t tried anything like a DWR yet, but I am thinking maybe batiks and solids. I am undecided about piecing or fusing or applique or even painting them on fabric –or maybe I could do a combo —It could take me some time to try them all to make a decision. I know the templates (if I win) would certainly help!

  8. I’d love to win the rulers! I’ve always wanted to make a DWR quilt. I’m thinking something modern with bright bold prints. 🙂

  9. I would probably go small and scrappy. Your tips were very helpful – thanks for sharing and for the chance to win!

  10. Wonderful interview, I would like to try a small, scrappy, with a modern look. I’d like to use the single arch.

  11. I am going to start with a small one since I have never done DWR before and then I would like to make a modern one, I already have an idea, I hope I win the proper templates. Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. I can’t wait to try making a double wedding ring quilt. i will try somethoing small and traditional to begin with. Thanks so much for sharing and for the opportunity on the draw

  13. Before I saw any of the modern Double Wedding Ring quilts, my goal was to make a DWR with 1930’s reproduction fabric. Now that I have seen the creativity in the modern DWR blocks, I think I must do something along those lines, too!
    I have used the EZ Dresden ruler and loved it, so I am eager to try this one out.
    BTW, I really enjoyed your interview with Darlene Zimmerman.

  14. I would love to try a double wedding ring. I love templates and think this would help a ton with my first double wedding ring if I were to win.

  15. I like the idea of getting my feet wet with a small 4-ring table runner – made from scraps. Thanks for the give away!

  16. I would make a small project (summer is sooo busy), it would definitely be coordinated and probably will be traditional. I’d love to win the set; thanks for the chance.

  17. I think I would be making a modern version – bought some Dena fabric lately that I think would make a nice gift for my (soon-to-be) daughter-in-law!

  18. I think I’d go small, since I’ve never done curved piecing before, and more traditional , using fabric I’ve inherited from my mother’s stash. Exciting sewing times ahead.

  19. Great interview! I have a traditional quilting background but I love to see all the new modern takes on blocks and quilts. Since I have not made a DWR block before I’d start with just one. I really want to try this block and have my fingers crossed, hehe. I love scrappy but I’d have to see what fabric moves me.

    Thank you for a super giveway and a chance to win.


  20. Fabulous interview. I may have to jump in and take part of the challenge. I’ve used the CurveMaster foot to piece Drunkard’s Path blocks and it makes sewing curves so easy and no pinning! I’m thinking of taking the single arc template and paper piecing my arcs. I think it would be really fun and playful.

    • So glad you enjoyed the interview. It was fun hearing Darlene’s take on all this. I have been tempted to buy that curve piecing foot. Seems like a good time. Thanks for the reminder.

  21. I would start with a traditional version as a table runner. I would love to make a larger quilt in bright modern colors. Thanks for the chance to win the templates.

  22. i’m a novice quilter, so I’ll try the small category, though I already have ideas for something in the Modern category floating around in my head!

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