Are you up for a challenge?

EZDWRChallengeBlogLogoHow’s your summer going? Got any big quilt projects planned? I think I have an idea that may pique your interest.

Starting today the New York City Metro Modern Quilt Guild is hosting the EZ Double Wedding Ring Quilting Challenge complete with an inspiration-packed blog hop and of course a curated selection of fabulous prizes.

Yes, the Double Wedding Ring (or DWR for short) is a quilt design that may be a bit intimidating, but don’t worry. You’ll have plenty of time for stitching AND there are multiple size categories, so you don’t have to feel obligated to take on a huge project. For many quilters, the DWR is on their bucket list of projects to make. Now is the time!

You can get all the details on the categories and prizes from the NYC Metro Modern Quilt Guild page. In the mean time, here’s the blog roll of participants and I hope to see you back here in a couple of days (July 12) for an interesting post and a chance to win an EZ Double Wedding Ring ruler set.

July 8



July 9

Emily Bailey

Shelly Pagliai

July 10

Amy Ellis

Faith Jones

July 11

Amy Smart

Monica Solorio-Snow

July 12

Dan Rouse

Elisa Albury (hey that’s me!)

July 13

Jenny Cameron (Last year’s winner)

July 14

Jane Davidson

July 15

Joanna Wilczynska

Jackie Kunkel

July 16

Kathy Doughty


July 17

Lisa Mason

Flaun Cline

July 18

Pat Sloan

Jessica Alexandrakis

 July 19

Jacquie Gering

Lee Heinrich

See you soon!

8 thoughts on “Are you up for a challenge?

  1. Hello from Minnesota! I’m fairly new to quilting (I’ve been sewing for about 1.5 years) but I think I’m up for making a modern version on the smaller side. I like the idea of surprising people and a challenge is the perfect place to show off and be astounded with others’ work. Now, if I only had a set of rulers to start with…. 😉

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