A Change in Plans

Remember back several months ago when I had grandiose plans for my EZ Dresden Quilt Challenge project? Yeah…and then summer happened.

Never fear—I still have plans for that quilt. BIG PLANS. In fact, I have issued myself a personal challenge—finish the quilt by this time next year and then enter it in the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival (yes that is the real name). It is a HUGE juried show and making it in would be 1) an honor and 2) a fantastic excuse for another trip to Japan, don’t you think?

But…back to the challenge. I was feeling—how shall I put this delicately—well, like a total loser for not finishing. So last Friday I put my big girl panties on and said to myself, I can make something small, and achievable, and useful. And so I did.

I’ve wanted a cushion for my sewing chair for a while, and well, I have plenty of stash to choose from and I already had the foam. Plus, I’m always tearing out inspiring color stories from magazines like House Beautiful and Marie Claire and I’ve had one which caught my eye hanging around. (Remember what I’ve said before about combining items on my list—mental or otherwise).

Sample fabrics. Some used, others ditched.

So I pulled some fabrics from my stash—one from New York, two from Japan, a Kaffe Fassett, vintage kimono silk, a black/off-white print (a signature of mine), and some linen I had lying around. I picked a great Alexander Henry geisha print for the back. I made the cushion all from stuff I had on hand—the foam, two scraps of batting to wrap the foam, and muslin to seal it all in.

My plan evolved as I worked. First it was fussy (ick). Simplify, simplify. Ultimately I ended up using the EZ Dresden Ruler just as it is intended (blasphemey!) in an inspired color palette that I’ve used before. And. I. Couldn’t. Be. Happier.

Be sure to check out what others made for this fun challenge.

And look out Tokyo—I’m coming for you…

8 thoughts on “A Change in Plans

  1. Yay Elisa! Congrats on your finish, and that it crosses several things off of your list. And way to be resourceful and use only what you had on hand! It looks comfy, and I really like your colors and fabric choices.

    Good luck with your BIG PLANS!

  2. I love the fabrics you picked! I wish you luck in your Japan pursuits. It makes me think of the Blue Oyster Cult song…. Oh no there goes Tokyo. Go go Godzilla.

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