Winner, Winner, Chicken, Dinner

Thank you SOOOO much to all of you who left such thoughtful comments on my EZ Dresden Process post. As a new blogger, but longtime quilter, you never really know how things will go in blogland. Whether people will “get it” or even care. I found myself second-guessing my post early on, but then just stuck with it, knowing I was being true to myself. But, I digress…

WE HAVE A WINNER!! I used my random generator (a.k.a to husband “pick a number between 1 and 54,” “32”) to select one. usairdoll (keeping internet names to protect the innocent) said:

WoW! How interesting and inspiring your post is. It really is neat to see how other’s thought process works. Although I’ve been quilting and sewing for over 20 years, my background is more traditional. I saw something I liked, I bought fabric and made it. It’s only recently that I’ve thought about creating something on my own. That being the key word “thought”. I’m not even sure where to start. I guess this is where “just do it” comes into play. hehe. I enjoy these blog hops as I always find talented and inspiring people that I want to hear more from. I loved your post and when I’m done here I’m going to become a follower. Thanks again for sharing your process, lists and pictures. ;D

I’ve been in touch with usairdoll and she is currently doing the happy dance. I only wish I had a picture.

NOW…I really need to dig into some quilting. I’ve been on vacation then coming back into reality/RealJob and haven’t stitched in over a week. Tonight is MY night. I’m taking the dresden down (we have all summer, right?) and likely putting Twin 2 quilt back up. It needs to get done before the babies graduate.

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