Sometimes I hate computers.

The End.

5 thoughts on “Confession

  1. Watercolor?
    I am so jealous! While yarn will begin to wind around me almost of its own accord, the art stuff is totally frozen and is blocked up, unable to flow.
    I consider them a necessary evil. Like money. Which of course means at times they make me ecstatic, even while I’m hating them.Funny, that.

    • That fabric is actually a water-color painting. A quilt idea that has never materialized…sigh.

      I am glad I am not alone in my love/hate relationship.

  2. I am in an emotional tug of war between my computer and my iPad. On that pesky little iPad I can sit in bed, endlessly cruise blogs and stuff, while drinking in morning coffee and the view of Pikes Peak when it is pink, just at the moment the sun spreads out like a sparkling flood from Kansas across Colorado. BUT, there are so many things I cannot do on the iPad. That is where I need to sit in an actual chair at an actual desk to work the PC. For that reason, I really hate the PC. It anchors me to a spot where there are no windows.

    Hang in there, Elisa. PCs are our friends. Even my best friends are flawed. But I deal. The alternative is unthinkable. And, HEY, go see the beginning of my Dresden Challenge. I blogged about it yesterday (sitting in an actual chair at an actual desk no less). Find me at

    Hugs for a better day, Lyn

    • Thanks Lyn. Your view sounds spectacular.

      I lost a blog post wrapping up the challenge blog hop. I spent two hours on it on the first free night I’ve had in over a week (my parents were visiting). So frustrating. I will be asking my guild members for help to draft it for me. I need to accept that sometimes I can’t do it all.

      I will check out your post today after work. Can’t wait to see it!

      Cheers Elisa

      P.S. I’m. Sucker for th iPad too (as I type). Pros and cons everywhere. But I definitely couldn’t live without computers. Although sometimes I want to throw them through the window. Of course the loss of the the post was my own fault.

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