Wordless Wednesday: the stuck edition

4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: the stuck edition

  1. It may be that I’m having a color challenged day, but I’m not getting this. To me, the top(which is gorgeous and in my present frame of mind’s perfect colors) is completely unrelated to the rest. Left and right, yes. Center, not really, for me….
    you asked…….!

    • What do you mean by the “top”? I am struggling with this quilt too. I hadn’t planned on the yellow but I am contemplating redoing some of the blocks because I think it needs something. The red on the right would be very thin. You’d only see about 1/3″. Right is stuff I am contemplating for backing. It may be too bold and I have since pulled out a yellow stripe to test; it’s like a soft seersucker. I don’t normally work in these colors so I am struggling. It is for a baby. The color palette is almost too soft. I can’t put my finger on what’s wrong. Maybe i messed up by having so much red prints for the triangles. Maybe I should put some solids in there. Buying perle cotton today as I am planning to hand quilt it. I think yellow perle cotton and no yellow fabric might be good. ARGH!

  2. Elisa, Everything is the same value and there is no place for your eye to rest.That is why you are having trouble. Adding the yellow will give your eye a place to rest, but I think I would try the deep red instead. The red would “pop” nicely and match the binding. I like the Sandy Klopp fabric with the kids and cows or horses for the back. But it is YOUR quilt so do what you think is best.

  3. I meant center, not top. The triangles read “pink” to me, not red, so that’s where I’m having difficulty. It may just be my ms’d eyes today. But the center as is seems PERFECT to me for a baby. Soft, but not too sweet. I like it, I really do…..!

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