Marchphotoaday Redux

It’s been a while….

At first I started posting my #marchphotoaday (#marchphotoaday) pictures, well, daily, then I thought it might be too cumbersome, or even boring, for you dear reader. Plus I’ve learned that I am unable to have plugins on  my blog since I am hosted at and not WordPress. It would have been good to know that going in. Not that it would have changed anything since I don’t plan to have my own server, and I have no idea what that even entails. Suffice it to say, loading pictures from my Flickr account is cumbersome at best so until I figure out a better way I’ll have to make do with a work around. Enough said.

I REALLY enjoyed this challenge and have a new-found joy in taking daily photos which capture the essence of an instant in our lives however globally important or insignificant. [Note, rarely are mine globally important, but some folks’ photos are, I suppose]. These moments are, in fact, important to us, or rather, me, the photographer for whatever reason. Instagram has changed my life. In a good way.

I did pretty good for my first time participating in this type of challenge. I did miss a few days. Also, I felt like I got BUSTED when Fat Mum Slim checked in on me and I hadn’t been keeping up with the blog posts. DRATS.

My favorite aspect of the challenge was that it sometimes required me to THINK about the topic. How would I photograph X. Where would I find it? Would it just appear to me, or would I have to seek it out? Needless to say FUN. It was a great month. Let’s recap shall we….

4 thoughts on “Marchphotoaday Redux

    • It goes through but I didn’t have my act together to do April. Regretting that so I’ll jump back in for June if it continues. Block a day, hmmm…There’s an idea!

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