The Bee’s Knees

While at my old job (that’s another post for another time) I had the opportunity to meet, work, and partner with some fabulous people—fabric companies, quilt designers, fabric designers, notion geniuses (genii?), creative directors, marketing directors—the list goes on. Fall and Spring Quilt Market is like one crazy reunion of all these people united under one roof for all things quilt. As an editor, it was exhausting and rejuvenating all at the same time.

At one such market (I think it was Fall 2010) which debuted the fabrics that would be released the following spring, I fell in love with Terrie Mangat’s (then) new line—The Bee’s Knees—for Free Spirit Fabrics. It’s the bee’s knees indeed. With its funky color palette, more is more aesthetic, and the at once whimsical and wacky designs, it is pure Terrie.

The Bee's Knees by Terrie Mangat

In the Free Spirit booth hung a stunning and complex quilt which ultimately would become a free pattern on the company’s web site. It was this design that originally caught my eye as hexagons were just barely starting to experience a rebirth in the quilting community. I wanted to get a design like this to my readers. As a scientist I was drawn to the clever pairing of hexagons with bees on the fabric. Plus, I’m a sucker for simple repetitive geometry.

I wasn’t able to work out an arrangement with Terrie before I resigned, but fortunately for me, Nancy from Free Spirit hooked me up with a HUGE box of every SKU in the collection. Like somewhere around 100+ yards. What can I say—I’m a REALLY lucky girl. I LOVE this line, but I don’t know that I love it 100 yards worth.

So what was a quilter to do? I decided to bundle it up and offer it to members in my guild—with strings attached.

Behold: The Bee Hexed Challenge.

Ten players hopped on board, with some having blogs and agreeing to share their work in progress.Their addresses are buried somewhere here (under piles of fabric)–I’ll share just as soon as I find them.

In the mean time I’m keeping with the Free Spirit/Rowan/Westminster theme I’ve started by deciding on the “My Fair Lady” quilt by Brandon Malby in Faffe Fassett’s Quilt Road.

This quilt will go to one of the new twin cousins in Taiwan. Progress posts soon to follow.

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