Charlie’s Wobot

I am Auntie to a sweet curly-strawberry-haired boy named Charlie. He turned three in December and it seems like yesterday that I was at his birth. I had been working on a quilt for him for ages, that I was going to “boomerang” back to his momma, my SIL. Needless to say, I’ve never finished it (but I do have plans), and instead decided two weeks before said  birthday that this boy needed a “wo-bot” quilt to go along with his robot OBSESSION.

Fortunately for me, Boo Davis has a smashing robot quilt in her (self-described sickeningly cute) book Dare to Be Square Quilting. You need this book. Trust me.

Unlike most people who as of late are obsessed with orange, and Tangerine Tango in particular, I hardly have any orange in my stash.You see, I am a stash quilter, meaning what I make is inevitably scrappy, in fabrics of various age and type, and not bought and used as part of an entire line. It’s not an approach for everyone, but it really works for me. This pattern called for YARDAGE of orange. Me, yardage of orange? Not. So I opted to make this quilt following my new rule of thumb–use what you have.

And so I did, working from the robot center, outwards (unlike the pattern which said to do the background first). Frankly, I think I like the quilt better with the scrappy background.

The quilt was well-received, and kid-approved although Charlie wasn’t too sure about the “buttons” on the robot’s tummy (made out of Ruby Star Rising no less!!?? Blasphemy!). That was my favorite part and I thought it quite clever. This quilt even matches Charlie’s hair. In my head I always associate him with the color orange (do you assign colors to people?).I finished it by the end of January and gave it to him just before Valentines. It felt really good to cross this one off. An excellent start for the new year if I do say so myself.

Details: 60″ x 72″. Fabrics: Kona cotton, Melody Miller Ruby Star Rising, Art Gallery Nature Elements, Michael Miller Mirror Ball Dots, Seven Island Indigo, and other misc. orange and blue prints. Batting: Warm and Natural 100% Cotton. Location: 200 S 250 W, Salt Lake City, UT.

5 thoughts on “Charlie’s Wobot

  1. Charlie LOOOOOOOVES this quilt. Can’t wait to show him this post so he can see how it was made!
    Thank you so much, Elisa! It is amazing….and as far as turnaround. I still have not forgotten your toe blanket, but it might be for your 20th anniversary!

  2. Hello,

    My name is Mark Hordyszynski, creator of Mirror Ball Dot. Michael Miller Fabrics has reissued the pattern in completely new colors but I would like to use your post on my blog when I discuss the release of the new colors.



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