Tomorrow’s mail…

Is a little valentine package I put together for my swap partner as part of the Generation Q Valentine Swap. Wanna know who my partner is? Here’s a hint.

This is my first swap of any sort. I know, I know. I’m SO behind with the times. What can I say? I’m a Luddite Modern Quilter. That sounds like a religion. I should start a cult, I mean Flickr group/block swap. Where was I?

I was supposed to take pictures and post to Flickr which for me required setting up a Flickr account. Done and Done. Unfortunately I only took crappy photos in poor light (the bane nighttime stitchers). I guess poor photos are better than no photos. Sometimes. But hey–look at all these new things I’m crossing off my “goals for 2012” list (Note to self: Write list down so I can start crossing items off).

It feels good to get out of my quilting comfort zone, if only for a little V-day swap. I hope Scott likes it. Oops…did I give it away?

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