Just post already…

There are things to say. Posts to write. Photos to take. And of course quilts to make.

I feel paralyzed with ideas and unsure of where to start. I lack a photo to go along with this post, but I just need to get something out before this moment passes…

So it seems that Chawne from Completely Cauchy made quite the stir over her recent post on whip up where she shared some of her quilts with words, including her Give a F*ck quilt blocks and other quilts with profanity. Apparently some folks are of the opinion that quilting/crafting/creating needs rules. No profanity. No opinions. No point of view.

My response to this situation is–if you don’t like it, find another blog to follow. Freedom of choice and freedom to quilt means that a) quilters get to quilt what they like and b) we don’t have to like it. Judging people by a quilt or two or twenty is still judging. There is room for all of us in the quilt universe.

I wonder if people would have responded differently if these quilts were classified as”art?” If we call something art does that make it OK? Is it not OK to wrap ourselves in art? Or wrap ourselves in comforting, functional quilts that also SAY SOMETHING.

Maybe because I cuss like a sailor, this type of thing doesn’t bother me. (I’m just jealous I didn’t think of it before her. There are lots of possibilities here.) Maybe I’m not bothered because of my liberal thinking or because not everything in life can be all rainbows and unicorns. Maybe because I also make art quilts, some of which are narrative, I understand. Maybe I find it encouraging because it gets quilters to THINK and TALK and those are both good things. Think outside the box, outside of our comfort zones, outside of our culture. I for one find this perspective refreshing.

Now I’ve got some baby quilts to make. Twins made an early appearance this week…

2 thoughts on “Just post already…

  1. If someone doesn’t like your sailormouth, I say “fuck em!”
    Glad you got over the paralysis. Face it, at some point you’re gonna say the wrong thing. Or at least I hope so! Life is too short to dance with ugly rules……

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