20 years ago today…records were broken. This is the band responsible for the song that I consider my personal “productivity anthem.” The song I blared loudly in the empty halls of the geology department at the University of Idaho as I finished the day’s thesis writing. You wanna get pumped, and feel confident, you gotta keep ‘em separated.

Rolling Stone–The Offspring: Smash the Little Punk

(Truth be told my anthem is Pretty Fly). Included for your listening pleasure.

I feel simultaneously young and old.

I’m going with young.


Mirror Ball Musings


Several months ago out of the blue I got a comment from Mark Hordyszynski on a blog post I did about a finished quilt (rare, I know thankyouverymuch). I tend to note the quilt size, finish date, materials (like fabric) and their content (i.e., cotton, wool, silk batting, etc.). In this particular quilt I used Michael Miller Mirror Ball Dot fabric designed by Mark. And by that I mean old school MBD.


You see, some years ago (I want to say the line came out in about 2006-7ish), I bought a tin with the entire collection of Mirror Ball Dot fabrics. It was beautiful. 40 luscious fat quarters, precisely folded and packed in color order. It was so pretty I couldn’t bear to use it. Sure I’d pull it out and look at it and pet it like every good “collector” should do. I’d think of grandiose plans for ways to use every.single.color. in one quilt but then put it away. Then one day, I was making a quilt and I needed orange (or Tangerine Tango, or whatever the kids are calling it these days) which is a color severely lacking in my stash, and well I had my personal commitment to use my stash rather than buy more, so I popped open that tin and USED a piece or two or three of Mirror Ball Dots. And it was magic.


Anyhoo, Mark emailed me and we started talking about the power of mirror balls and how there are other hoarders quilters out there that have been rationing their MBD stash. As it turns out Michael Miller Fabrics was planning a rerelease in the spring of 2012. Fans felt comfortable using their stash and started making projects with it. Heck a Pinterest page has even been set up (feel free to share your fabulous projects there by the way!). Fast forward a bit and MBD is back and gaining in popularity.

To celebrate the MBD and spread the word about how great they are with the hopes that Michael Miller Fabrics adds more colors and keeps our favorites there is an upcoming blog hop and yours truly is participating. Mark has issued us a challenge. Four FQs of MBD, 3-1/4 yd cuts of Cotton Couture and any design of our choice. Blog hop starts on Mark’s page on April 21. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you.

IMG_0316I’m going with Clementine, Twilight, Starlight, and Celestial for my MBDs and Midnight, Royal, and Peony for my solids. Stay tuned to see what I’ve some up with. It is a bit out of character for me, but I’m excited to have to work within the confines of a challenge.

In the mean time Michael Miller has released a free pattern in case you just can’t wait to get your mirror ball on. You know you want to.